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Spiritual Healing 

Release, Restore, Elevate 

Transform your life and relationships with our Spiritual Healing service. Our approach involves spiritual cleansing using sacred shamanic healing methods and 4D and 5D energy healing, which removes negative energies, blocks, phobias, traumas, witchcraft, generational negative patterns, and negative emotions. Negative spirit attachments are also removed along with negative manipulation.  Negative energetic cords are cut. After cleansing, the spiritual healing will restore lost virtues and strengths, and elevate you to a new level of being and understanding. Finally, spirit insertion grounds you to Mother Earth, restores your free will, and empowers you to live more powerfully on your divine path of life.

All healing work is performed in the Christ Consciousness, which is the highest frequency of unconditional love and forgiveness. I explain to all my clients that I am the healing instrument, or facilitator of the healing.  All healing happens through God's will.  As a spiritual healer, I am praying and asking the spiritual realm of Christ Consciousness for assistance in the healing petition for my clients. I have had clients from multiple faith backgrounds: Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and agnostic.  Whatever your beliefs and faith background, there are no limitations with the Spiritual Healing.

For more details on the benefits of a Spiritual Healing, click here.

Proxy Spiritual Healing is available for those in emergency situations, as well as for loved ones who are unable or unwilling to receive an in-person or Zoom Spiritual Healing session. These prayerful distant healings offer the same benefits as an in-person or Zoom Spiritual Healing session. Please submit a picture, the full birth name, and address of the person for the Proxy Spiritual Healing.

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