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Release, Restore, Elevate

Soul Support Healing

Let your light shine brighter and live more powerfully on your divine path of life.

Personalized Spiritual Cleansing and Healing using Sacred Shamanic Healing Methods.


Marilyn Prebul

My journey as a spiritual shamanic healing practitioner started when I was a little girl and could sense the spiritual realm and see my Guardian Angel. I have always been interested in exploring spirituality, and I earned my yoga teacher certification in 2010.  After experiencing the transformative impact of Spiritual Shamanic Healing, I began training with world-renowned shaman healer, Victor Barron, exclusively since 2011. Today, I am an Advanced Level 2 Spiritual Healing Practitioner. My passion is to help people understand the spiritual world and grow more in self-love and connection with God. Contact me today to begin your spiritual healing journey.

Sacred Spiritual Shamanic Healing Center

Located at 2852 Adams Ave., San Diego 92116

Welcome to Soul Support Healing, the Sacred Spiritual Shamanic Healing Center located in the heart of vibrant North Park in San Diego. Our purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming space for anyone in need of healing and connection. I use sacred shamanic healing methods to help you achieve greater inner peace and well-being. Our unique approach to healing is rooted in the Christ Consciousness, and we offer services tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

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