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Products for Spiritual Protection

Protection for You and Your Loved Ones

Blessed Herbal Protection Sachet

Protect yourself from negativity, the evil eye, envy, and witchcraft.  I grow the herbs, and I bless and pray over them during all stages of the process and while preparing the sacred blend.  Growing, harvesting, drying, and spiritual preparation of the herbs is a 6 month process.  I recommend that you carry the sachet in your pocket or in your purse.  You can also transfer the sachet into a medicine pouch that you wear around your neck under your shirt.  

$22 USD plus shipping  

Spiritual protection sachets

Blessed Candle

Protect against negative spiritual influence while meditating or praying, and ensure that only the highest frequency spiritual realm is attracted to your space.  I recommend that you light the Blessed Candle when you are working on a computer, when you are meditating or praying, and to attract the highest frequency when you are in meetings or interacting with others in a space. Do not leave the candle burning unattended or overnight while you are sleeping.

$10 USD plus shipping 

Blessed candles
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