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Home Clearing, Blessing, & Protection

Spiritual Feng-Shui, God's Way

Experience the Magnetic Flow of Vitality: Your Peaceful Home Sanctuary

Transform your home into a sanctuary of calm and positivity with our Home Clearing service. I use a range of shamanic healing techniques to cleanse your mirrors and electronics, close portals, and improve the energy flow in your living space. Earthbound spirits are gently guided to the light with unconditional love. Negative disturbances and manipulation is removed and sealed. Our magnetic grid correction techniques ensure that the energy in your home aligns with your purpose and the needs of those who live there.

I believe that everyone should have a Home Clearing, especially after receiving a Spiritual Healing.  This service is available onsite or remotely.  The onsite Home Clearing is priced depending on square footage and the number of mirrors and electronics.  The pricing starts at $600 and will require a minimum of 2.5 hours for onsite. The remote Home Clearing is a standard price of $395. For more details on the benefits of a Home Clearing, click here.

Please contact me to discuss pricing and details for business property clearings.

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