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Traditional Shamanic Healing

Natural & Gentle Spirit of Nature Ceremony

Increase Your Natural Magnetism 

Embark on a transformational journey with the Traditional Shamanic Healing ceremony. Our natural and gentle Spirit of Nature ceremony allows you to dive deep into your consciousness and cleanse negative emotions, traumas, and negative energies stored in your cellular memory. The 1.5 hour session, only available in the summer months, uses healing plants, herbs, and flowers to prepare the massage table. The cost of this session includes $60-$80 in plant material such as cactus, corn, roses, aloe, carnations, dried mint and roses, etc., which will be applied to your body.

This Traditional Shamanic Healing ceremony deeply cleanses all levels of your consciousness and increases your natural magnetism.  I recommend that everyone receive this beautiful Traditional Shamanic Healing Ceremony annually.  Book your session now as sessions are limited to the Summer months outdoors at my home healing studio in Aliso Viejo, CA.  I also offer a remote version of this healing that offers many of the same benefits as the in-person experience.

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