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Transformational Process

The Spiritual Healing removes blocks and spiritual attachments within your energy field, your chakras, and anything else that doesn't serve you. I am a healing instrument of God, and all healing work is done in the Christ Consciousness which is the highest frequency energy of unconditional love.  This is not religious, however, my faith and trust in God is what gives me the spiritual strength to remove negative spirit attachments, age of cause trauma, blocks in the present time and past lifetimes on your mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular memory, and physical levels of consciousness. Miracles happen today as they did in the past due to God's unconditional love for all of humanity.


I have been anointed and blessed to offer many different spiritual healings that will strengthen your aura, elevate and align your mental, emotional, spiritual, cellular memory, and physical levels of consciousness with God so that you have a strong intuition and knowing of your Divine Path, and can live powerfully your soul calling. I believe that God is within us, and our intuition is our connection to God. When we live and take action according to our intuition, we are living as our Higher-Self on our Divine Path.  A Spiritual Healing helps to clear away any interference blocking your intuition.


I also am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, and I will support you on your spiritual path and healing journey. One session will be a transformative experience for you; most people experience a transformation from heaviness to lightness, from feeling ungrounded to feeling grounded and strong with a sense of peace.There is a 30-day integration and detox period after a session, therefore, the maximum frequency for Spiritual Energy Healing sessions would be once every month.

 Situations that a Spiritual Healing Session Transforms

  • Removal of spirit leech attachments that cause interference in your aura and intuition

  • Feeling off balance transforms to grounding and strength to live your karma in this present lifetime

  • Removal of spirit of addiction for smoking and drinking

  • Removal of spirit of emotional hurt and pain in your physical heart

  • Loss of pregnancy healing for miscarriage or termination/abortion

  • Removal and protection against bad luck and witchcraft

  • Removal of the negative manipulator

  • Removal and protection from ET attachment and interference

  • Chakra Healing with the Spirit of Kundalini

  • Shifting out of denial conscious and subconscious mind healing 

  • Restoration of free will from influence of Scopolamine, internet/video game addiction, or burnout

  • Healing negative emotions from past generations stored in the chakras and bloodline

  • Removal of the experience of "not seen, not heard"

  • Removal of disease causing factors and replace with Spirit of Wellness & Well-being (done annually for my clients)

  • Removal of the root cause of bedwetting

  • Internal clock adjustment 

  • Removal of age of cause leech attachment causing sleep apnea, depression, anxiety or victimhood

  • Expanding your vision so you can see more, to have more flexibility, to see the truth (shift out of denial)

  • Migraine headache

  • Emotional freedom, amplification of your magnetism, go with the flow, projection of an outward sense of good nature

  • Removal of negative past lifetime darkness that creates blocks in your present lifetime

  • Restoration of the Spirit of Life, Joy & Happiness

  • Change of thought patterns, negative thinking in cellular memory and energy consciousness

  • Forgiveness for Others Ceremony - the chance to have the conversation you weren't able to have, to break deadlocks in communication

  • Removing fear and the spirit of fear

  • Heart Chakra Healing

  • Balancing the Spirit of Hormones 

  • Balancing the Spirit of the Thyroid

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