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Soul Support Healing 

Spiritual Shamanic Healing & Home Clearing



Spiritual Shamanic Healing is a sacred and ancient practice and differs from other alternative and holistic healing modalities. Spiritual Shamanic Healing offers cleansing, healing, and removes blocks within the emotional, mental, cellular memory, spiritual, and physical levels of consciousness.  

Dawn B., CA

"Marilyn did a wonderful remote space clearing and balancing on my boyfriend's new home. The next day there was a lovely sense of peace in the space.  It's like the home is happy again!"

Autumn F., CA

"Marilyn does amazing work.  I have had energy work done before, but I haven't done a Spiritual Clearing before & wasn't sure what to expect. I immediately felt warm positive energy when I entered her space. I felt relaxed & enjoyed our session.  I took a picture of myself after the session & shared it, everyone said I looked 10 years younger.  It still amazes me what trapped energy can do to our bodies.  I definitely recommend Marilyn & her work!"

Audrey S., CA

"Marilyn performed such a graceful and loving heart-opening ceremony for me. She is an amazing vessel of spiritual wisdom and love. The ceremony was filled with fresh flowers, herbs, and sacred plants that her intuition had guided her to use for my specific needs. One of my goals for the ceremony was to connect with my feminine energy and this ceremony was so effective while being so very gentle. I'm eternally grateful to have experienced her beautiful gifts to reconnect with my own." 
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